Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Ghostland Lunchbox Spinner Game

One of the more unique metal lunch boxes of the past, the spooktacularly great, Ghostland, (no real actual connection to Casper's Ghostland) not only featured wonderful artwork on all sides, but also included a frighteningly fun spinner game! Using pennies as tokens, see who can escape the haunted house in the least amount of turns. "Get! Out!" Silly ghosts, black cats, an old owl, and bats haunt you, while the scarecrow on the thermos (thank you again Layla!) taunts you! I love how the house itself goes from being a one-story cabin to a two-story mansion on the other side, haha. And are those the greatest trees you've ever seen? As you can see from the photos, we've developed a little bit of rust over the years, and the handle has definitely seen much better days, but is there a cooler lunchbox than this? I abso-boo-ly think not... 


Brian Barnes said...

I'm always surprised by the lunchbox market; I know these markets go up and down but there seems to be some really expensive items in that market.

This is a very pretty lunch box, I love the bright colors (probably brighter when it was new), and the heavy inked lines, the bug-eyed ghosts. I also really like the blue/green color set.

I am absolutely surprised the spinner is still on but the handle has seen better days!

Mr. Cavin said...

I don't think I've ever seen a lunchbox that was also a board game. That's brilliant! This is definitely an excellent slice of the past, even with a patched-up handle.

top_cat_james said...

*A pimento-cheese sandwich
*Store-brand Ruffles in a Zip-Loc bag
*A smushed Hostess Snoball
*Room temperature milk

Caffeinated Joe said...

Great idea, surprised there weren't more variations on this idea. So fun.

Mike said...

I've got that one, too, but mine didn't come with a thermos. Rats.

Guy Callaway said...

I love (happy) ghosts & dilapidated houses, so this made my day.
We took a family trip (from Vancouver, B.C.) to Dizneeland, just 1 year before The Haunted Mansion opened.
I was little, but completely crushed!