Sunday, October 31, 2021

Aurora Model Kit Dracula Presents: The Halloween Scene That'll Scare You to Death!

I'm sort of getting the feeling that some of you are slipping behind with these last few Halloween posts. So to make things more pleasant around here for everyone, I've decided to, of course, make this last post of October 2021 the biggest 'n trickiest one yet! Werewolves, vampires, and even a trip through an amazin' haunted house! You seriously can't beat the the enormity of this project when it also includes the King of Vampires himself-- Dracula! (in all of his built-up, pre-painted, original Aurora model kit massiveness.) And just to fill ya in, I will have a few more of my Aurora's for you later next month as well, so don't fret about that theme coming to an end. Okay, since Brian likes 70's DC horror so much, let's check in on a holiday classic from the June - July 1974 issue of House of Mystery #225, which tells not only a few valuable lessons about things, but also shows you there's more than one way to spell "Halloween!" But first up, lets get ourselves locked inside a department store of doom and see what terrific terror transpires, from the September 1976 issue of Scary Tales #7. I really hope everyone enjoyed this month of posts, I put a lot of extra work into this final week as an added treat, so let me know what you thought, and as always, be sure to come back in November for a whole lot more!


Doc Briar said...

While many bloggers try to convince the reader of their brilliance, along comes Karswell to say,"Look at this cool stuff!" Thanks!

Did Ditko draw Halloween Scene? Couldn`t find a signature. Anyway, it seems to be a riff on a Twilight Zone episode. Good ol' Charlton.

Happy Halloween.

Mr. Cavin said...

Ha! I sort of missed the odd little Charlton logo on the Scary Tales cover, and I spent the whole story thinking, gosh, somebody really did a great impression of Ditko rushing to meet a deadline. Much as the man avoided drawing the woman's face in the first few panels, I'd assumed it was a mannequin right off the bat--but then he started actually drawing it and I second-guessed myself. Ha! Successfully twisted! I can't believe you actually found two more (rather classic) Halloween stories. They were both great. I'm not usually a pushover for seventies horror comics, but I actually really liked today's DC story. Love to see the Amicus film version of that.

I think the sexy latex sheen on that Drac model, is quite clever. I mean, it makes perfect sense. Whatever the Count is getting up to in the ol' torture dungeon, it's a no-brainer that be needs outerwear from the water sports store. Just hose it off and you're ready to prowl again!

Happy Halloween!

Brian Barnes said...

I suspect this drac is probably the same painter? Here's one where I'm not as impressed -- it's great, better than I could ever do, but I do think the deeper colors on his face make him look more haggard, but that's a really minor complaint, overall it's another awesome job.

The Charlton cover is great, it reads a bit 90s way before the 90s! And rushed Ditko is just good Ditko, and there's a lot of great motion in there. Like Mr. Cavin I was thinking mannequin, too, because of the lack of face, but that was Ditko just saving time!

The second story is pretty good, all around, it's a simple premise that fooled me, and as always with the DC post-code, the art is spectacular. The demons in the windows are super haunting images, panel 2 on the last page is excellent! So, this time a good story and art!

Happy All Saints Day!

Wendy said...

Love the "After Hours" feel of the first story -- I kept imagining her as Marsha! The second story was even better, as I didn't even think of the possibility that the children might be skulking around outside. I love supernatural elements, but I enjoy being surprised when that's what I'm expecting... and it turns out to be something completely mundane. I'm of course biased in favour of my own Dracula model, but this one is one of the better paint jobs I've seen!

Yours is still the best blog around, Mr. Karswell. Terrific Halloween content -- and regular Karswell content too! -- and looking forward to seeing what you'll scare up for November!

Mr. Karswell said...

>along comes Karswell to say,"Look at this cool stuff!" Thanks!

Mighty welcome, Doc! Keep a'lookin'!

>Just hose it off and you're ready to prowl again!

Haha, *in a Romainian accent: "Has anyone seen my rain cape?"

>The demons in the windows are super haunting images

The best part for sure!

>and looking forward to seeing what you'll scare up for November!

Thank you! I'm on it now as I'm typing this, lining up November with all kinds of stuff! And yes, your Dracula is spectacular Dractacular!

Thanks again for all the great comments this month, and while we may not have as many posts for November as we did for October, I do promise the quality of subject matter will be top notch. Stay tombed!

Caspar said...

@ Doc Briar - Yes, Ditko did this, possibly while eating breakfast one morning.