Friday, October 15, 2021

Curse of the Vampire, Eerie Pub News + Foul Floppies!

The Halloween Horror Box Collection Kickstarter --which includes my VAMPIRES #1 issue-- reached its max and more, so yes, Virginiarella, we are fully funded! Hurrah!!! Thank you to everyone who donated and showed amazing interest and support for this petrifyin' project. And while we anxiously await for said releases, more cool news comes a'creepin' down the 'ol turnpike about Mike Howlett's new Eerie Publications: The Complete Covers book to seriously fuck you up in February 2022! OMG. Can't. Wait. CLICK HERE for all the hardcover details and to preorder yours (it's also available in softcover HERE!) And be sure to get in on some of the awesome pre-order perks too! And to celebrate all these wondrously gory thingies, I dug out an old Eerie Pub blood sucker tale from the April 1973 issue of Terror Tales V5 #2 --an actual reworking of a Web of Mystery story from 1952! This one was originally posted at THOIA way back in 2010-- so consider this an encore presentation, you freaky foul Friday Frights fans! PS: And speaking of foul, my buddy Brian has shredded out a terrifically sleazy metal riff rockathon just in time for Halloween, and along with images of his favorite horror comic splash pages taken from THOIA, he has inadvertently created an instant horrorday classic for the ages! CLICK HERE and turn it up!


Brian Barnes said...

Honestly, she's not that hideous in the daylight, and this is no way changes my comment on the story when it was up at THOIA :)

Fun job from Eerie pubs mainstay Dick Ayers -- usually there's just a lot of added blood but this one added some nudity. Liked the original title better: "Bride's Dowry of Doom!"

My favorite bit is page 4 which has the most random size changes; panel 4 and 6, she's regular human sized with wings, but the panel in between she's bat sized with weird bat wing hands! I love it!

Thanks for the link, I hope people like the song and hope it draws more people to my favorite blog on the internet for more than a decade now!

Mr. Cavin said...

Sheesh, I don't know how I missed this thing the first time around. Probably because it was Christmas. My loss. This story has some crazy ass dialog and a great splash with a large, hairy bat sphinx with mutated human hands. And also a panel in which a native American vampire ghost princess is licking the protagonist's face. I mean, that's top-tier uncut Eerie Pubs magic right there.

I don't know what they are all so surprised about. I always just assumed that that all the everything nice that accompanies "sugar and spice" in the usual girl recipe totally includes "moldy bones and rotten vampire wings." Why wouldn't it?

Doc Briar said...

Being wealthy would be pleasant for many reasons, including philanthropic ones. Well, forget those. It would be even better to have the means to buy all of the fantastic comic compilations Karswell mentions.
As for "Curse of the Vampire", I direct your attention to the first panel of the last page. Such a vivid warning of the dangers of the drunken one night stand: "You are hideous in daylight, Maria! Ugh!"
Also, thanks to Brian Barnes for identifying the artist. I`ll check out your song.

Doc Briar said...

Just listened to Foul Floppies. Really enjoyed it. Has similar vibes to Man or Astro-Man?, which is a compliment.

Mr. Karswell said...

Thanks for the comments, and another big round of applause to Brian for his awesome song and video! And best of luck to Mike too with his kick ass book coming early next year! My horror community of BFFs just never ceases to amaze and inspire me!