Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mod Happy Hour

Included with the Sunday, November 22nd, 1970 issue of the St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper was this giant, fold-out Southern Comfort advertising supplement full of drink recipes and other helpful advice on all things party related. Not being a drinker myself (as mentioned here many times in the past), I'm instead posting these images scanned in sectional chunks because it is indeed quite large, and mainly because of the colorful lay-outs and timely art direction-- but ALSO especially because of the fab Mod Poster Special Offer with examples on nearly every page that accompany the fun photography! (Apologies again about the scans, the quality of this newsprint copy is very old, folded, stained, and brittle!)


Craftypants Carol said...

wow! those mod posters are seriously amazing!! i really love the Comfort Manhattan one. but god they're all amazing!!

one of the things i always love in these drink guides is the teeny pics of the drinks. there's something so cool about them being all totally realistic and detailed but really really small and free floating in space.

and the cartoon drinks are great too!

Mr. Cavin said...

This is awesome, like some kind of Partridge Family Bar menu. I can totally see them serving these drinks out of a racing-striped camber van parked at the boardwalk. They are all wearing Jox Sox and ringer shorts with white piping.

I wish I could see the Collins poster better, I like the crowd scene on it. I feel like I'd like to like the Manhattan poster best, since that's my favorite drink, but the idea of mixing one with Southern Comfort makes me wanna hurl. I could not brook hanging that thing in my house, magical mystery beauty that it is.

Karswell said...

I think my fave mod poster is the Old Fashioned... I'd even wear a fake mustache and sing barber shop quartet numbers into the wee hours of the night next to it.

Mr. Cavin said...

Camper. I meant camper van.

Frankly, all these posters look like Terry Gilliam Flying Circus cut scenes and bumpers. They should all flower out of one another's ears in a teetering, turning stack till the "smile" guy's head opens up and a bunch of trumpets come out.

Karswell said...

With a shot of Yellow Submarine spritzed in for good measure, I say!

(I'm still in Old Fashioned mode)