Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flushed! (Part One)

Flushed was a thin 'n tall style hardcover book published in 1963 by Kanrom Inc., and full of dirty jokes and equally dirty illustrated gags featuring a cavalcade of cartoon greats (see how many you can name) --the book even came with a chain for you to hang on a hook next to your toilet so you could read it in the john while doing your daily duty! Other books in this bathroom series: Jokes for the John, Poems for the John, More Jokes for the John, and Guest Register for the John. I'll have more highlights from Flushed! in our next post poo-- er, too!

To be continued...


Crafty C said...


i really like Ed's furniture. and of course the nudist camp ones!

Mr. Karswell said...

There might be a few more gags from the nudist camp in the next post... for me it's the DeCarlo stuff that's blowing serious doors down. So awesome.