Monday, May 20, 2013

Barbeque Book '56 (PART TWO)

Continuing now with the second part of fantastic food imagery from the Better Homes & Gardens BARBEQUE BOOK from 1956-- in our previous post (CLICK HERE) we saw an abundance of juicy, meaty ideas plus other assorted grilled outdoor goodies-- now the other half of the book for today focuses on culinary compliments to your carnivorous appetite with salads, sandwiches, sides, desserts, drinks, etc! We'll have more from the AEET Drinks Department in our next post-- see ya in a few too many (this joke will be funnier when you see the post.)


Crafty C said...

wow. that corn dog centerpiece totally blew my mind! insanity!!!

and man - that corn pudding looks great! and the cheese tray with all the little flags! so cute! and the pancakes and the pizza! and that weird bread log thing! what is that tomatoes and meat in between the slices of bread? god i love this stuff!!

and man - i love when radishes are sliced like on the Perfectly Wonderful Potato Salad and put on top of stuff! that just looks so freaking cool!

the illustrations are all great too - but i really love that last one where the mom and dad are back to back. they both look so happy!!


Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah, I'm not so sure about that cabbage dong presentation. I don't mind the Sputnik futurism of it so much as the weird use of a leafy green as a Styrofoam ornament. It's a double-standard. I'd have no trouble with a pumpkin put the same use.

I doubt that family-style ice cream presentation is very practical, either. But I like the way it looks a lot more.

Crafty C said...

oh man! corn dogs stuck in the scoops of ice cream in the giant ice cream sundae!!!

you'd have to scarf the corn dogs down fast before the ice cream melted but what-the-freak-ever!!!!!!

Mr. Karswell said...

Corn dogs sticking out of a severed head would get a thumbs up from me-- I LOVE CORN DOGS!! Wash it down with one of those amazing looking Orange Creamsicle Floats served on a hollowed out chest cavity tray.