Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beachcombers & Spirit of '76 (Bar Guides)

As long as we're in Bar Guide mode, here are a few more, (also published by Southern Comfort), featuring lots of concoctions and photos of happy, groovy people having loads of loaded 70's fun-- the Beachcombers guide is dated 1971, and is a nice showcase of post hippy era swimwear.


Armpit Studios said...

Cool and delicious.

Mr. Karswell said...

Speaking of cool, I'm pretty sure had a set of those Steamboat glasses

Crafty C said...

no way!!!!!!! i was just gonna say i love the Steamboat on-the-rocks stem glass!

cool! as you know i love all the little teeny pics of the drinks! i need to make a cover pic of those!

and i totally dig all the beach people - the dancing and the smiling and running in bikinis and square sunglasses and whatnot. groovy!

it kills me how they implore you to use Southern Comfort as your base for drinks. i seriously thought they were gonna suggest that all drinks should be made with it. ack!

Brian Barnes said...

Nothing screams "beach wear" like a plaid tie.

It's amazing how they got a young Eric Estrada on page 10!

Mr. Karswell said...

>it kills me how they implore you to use Southern Comfort as your base for drinks

Because these are Southern Comfort booklets! I doubt they'd publish something and ask you to use Jack Daniels or whatever instead! Parents always had Southern Comfort in my house as a kid, I've never tried it.

>Nothing screams "beach wear" like a plaid tie.

That one is part of the Spirit of '76 booklet, Brian-- there's two separate guides in this post.

Thanks for the comments!