Monday, March 20, 2023

3 Little Pigs

Speaking of the big bad wolf, here's a cute 'n tiny 3 Little Pigs game I found the other day. It seems a bit larger than the usual Cracker Jack prize, though I guess it could still be one. And for a game called "3 Little Pigs", there isn't a single depicted image of an actual pig anywhere on the backing card-- unless you think pigs look like teeny silver BBs! Anyway, just like in the famous fairy tale, you need to put one "pig" into each of his questionably designed homes, before the bad 'ol hungry wolf devours 'em whilst dressed in his fancy collared shirt and shorts. A molded piece of murky plastic over the card creates the ménage à trois pathways while keeping your bounding balls in place-- so aim for the holes and send those juicy lil squealers home already!


Brian Barnes said...

Boy do I want to hug that wolf. He's so loveable!

I don't know if "winning" means putting a pig in the straw or stick house, but otherwise, good job!

Mr. Cavin said...

Congrats on getting high score!

That wolf is sure reminding me of some kind of early twentieth century newspaper ad mascot, or Little Golden Book illo, or strip comic child. But I can't figure just who. It's not Buster Brown, and it's not the Morton's Salt Girl. Not the Little Dutch Boy, either. But he's somebody like that.

Thanks for the super close up!