Friday, February 3, 2023

My Private Black Book (PART ONE) ADULTS ONLY!!!

Organized in a way to keep track of all your specific communication wants and needs, this fun little black (telephone) book is also full of attractive 1950's - 60's nudie cuties from all around the alphabet! Yes, A-Z at your fingertips never looked so appealing, and we'll take a look at the first 12 in todays post. So what will it be tonight? Games with Beth? Photos with Harriet? Pettin' the Kitty, or maybe just helping poor Gail out with whatever it is exactly that's ailing her. (FYI: Miss "C" is actually English actress / model Margaret Nolan, star of many a Carry On and British boobie film.) So stay tuned, I'll have more pretties for you in our next post HERE, as well as additional places for specific notation found in the little black book back pages. 


Mr. Cavin said...

Dede writes just like my Granddad filling out a crossword puzzle. This feels like the beginning of a family mystery!

Brian Barnes said...

I love these kind of collections, not just for the cheesecake, but how they are sourced.

You have stuff that's obviously a bit more arty -- like "I"the way it's posed with the metal (chair?) frame, and then "J" right next to it that has a bit more of a more just get the naked lady in the frame -- BTW she's got a great smile, and no, that's no a joke. Somebody just sourced different pictures from different photographers, or had the pictures from various different projects. It's a real cross-section.

I like D, that's a fun pin up.

Gail is saying "Help" because she's in the wrong order!

Craftypants Carol said...

That's so cool! Now you gotta fill the book with numbers! I'll be the first - 555-5555

Mr. Karswell said...

>This feels like the beginning of a family mystery!

LOL! Your granddad, she was a good man...

>Gail is saying "Help" because she's in the wrong order!

Note how much I care by not fixing it, haha... maybe I can fuck-up PART TWO too.

>I'll be the first - 555-5555

Nice try CPC, everyone knows your number is 666-1313!

PART TWO up shortly, --and don't forget the chocolates!