Monday, September 12, 2022

Universal Pictures Monster Wallet

Speaking of Frankenstein, I stumbled upon one of those ultra rare 60's Universal Pictures Monster wallets last weekend. Double sided with Frankie on one, and the Phantom of the Opera on the other, with a nice snap-strap to keep your cash 'n cards sealed up tighter than a coffin, --this one even still has the original plastic, multi photo holder, plus, a fun little magic slate so you can also draw your favorite horrors anytime you wish! Check out the original ad image at the end of the post to see the other neato wallet combo creatures, not to mention the thrilling 3D wall plaques also produced by SPP (Standard Plastic Products, Inc.) around the same time era.


Brian Barnes said...

I love the printing on this, it's vibrant and flashy and the kind of yellow/green nature of it really stands out. The framing of the monsters with the fire and catacombs is really smart.

I wish they didn't mix up the Hammer werewolf with the Universal one. It's a fine werewolf film, but if I'd want one of these, it would be the Universal werewolf.

Doc Briar said...

Let's not miss the fact that this item is fifty plus years old but looks almost new.

Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah, I always wondered how James Bama got his hands on a Hammer production still when he was working up the box art for the Aurora Universal Wolf-Man model. Just luck, I guess. Everybody else followed his lead for a decade.

Nice wallet!

Mr. Karswell said...

Boy that doesn't look anything like the Hammer werewolf to me, but ok!

Mr. Cavin said...

"...that doesn't look anything like the Hammer werewolf to me..."

Well, I don't know about Mr. Barnes, but I'm just talking about the ears and the Spanish costume. Well and the nose looks more like the Reed make-up to me, but that could be chalked up to lighting. The wolf-man on the model kit box--and thus the wallet's crib from that--is most definitely a mix of the two designs. It's kind of a classic topic of conversation among "monster boomers."