Friday, September 30, 2022

70's Ben Cooper Indian Wig

Halloween month is just one day away, and we're still thinking about what our costume will be come October 31st. Now my gal Mandy (the mannequin) is thinking about being either a Dutch Girl, or even Pocahontas! Good thing we found this ratty old, flame retarded (sic) Ben Cooper wig that can double as either. "Realistically styled" it says, --why, you could even somehow be a pirate in this thing if you wanted to! So now that we have the hairibble, errr I mean, terrible hairdo figured out, all that's left is the rest of the dang costume! Anyone "flowing" this year-- whuuut??!!


Mr. Cavin said...

I see your old colonial Dutch witch pirate costume is gonna rock this year! Nobody's gonna mistake you for Wednesday Addams again. Not. One. Person.

Brian Barnes said...

Yes, clown-minstrel, well known in the pippi-longstockings brigade.

I love how these wigs are flame retarded -- not flame PROOF mind you -- but flame retarded. This is a good thing, but I have to wonder how many wigs, and people, went up in a fireball to make this a prominent selling point!

Mandy's costume can be the urban legend about the girl with a hair-doo full of spiders, the wig already looks like that's the case!

Mr. Karswell said...

I still feel bad for that princess with the "flowing" problem... I mean, golly, why tell the whole world?