Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Head of Frankenstein

Here's a fun, life-sized Frankenstein monster head light I found the other day, made of a lightweight, but sturdy styrofoam type painted material. Produced by Trendmasters in 1993, and with a single electric cord hanging from the bottom of his decapitated noggin', just plug him in and watch his eyes and mouth light up. He reminds me of Frankie from the Groovy Goolies a little, I guess mostly because of that cartoonish expression on his ugly mug, as well as the single tooth jutting up from his lower jaw.


Brian Barnes said...

That's a nice sculpt, a lot of good details on this. I like the stitched scar a lot, and the one lone bolt on the head.

It's amazing how basically most every Frankenstein's monster you see is the Universal make-up. It's so icon at this point, even though it was nothing like the source material.

It also struck me as very Groovy Goolies when I saw it first, too!

Mr. Cavin said...

It's a cool decoration. I think it's interesting that all the corpse damage and Frankie detailing is on just one side of his face. Like Two-Facenstein, Victorian Gothic supervillain. When he is deciding Batman's fate, he flips a coin: Will the caped crusader be fighting a monster or an even worse monster?

Rajani Rehana said...

Great blog

Tom said...

Definitely Groovy Ghoulie inspired with that lone bottom tooth. I also like the single bolt in the head as opposed to the standard neck bolts. I learned a while back that that was one way Universal enforced their their Frankenstein trademark: you can have a Frankenstein monster, but it had better not have bolts in the neck.