Friday, September 16, 2022

Flip-Teez 2: South Sea Lula

Some of you may recall my previous Flip-Teez post back in June of 2021 (CLICK HERE if you missed it!) and surprise surprise-- I found another one! Now todays lovely young island girl comes all the way from the simmering south seas, to hula her heavenly way into your heart while oh so slowly removing one article of clothing at a time-- mahalo! Newbies should definitely refer to the other post for the full, origin details on this war time era bit of adults only, celluloid flippin' fun...


Brian Barnes said...

And the barbie doll, right at the end. As I do so many films of this period, I know that any hint down in that area was the sure thing that would get a mayor trying to make a name for himself all over your case.

I really like the art here, the flowers really stand out, and the matching leg/hair accessory looks great. It's a really nice piece of good girl art.

Mr. Cavin said...

Wait, she ain't even gonna take off that anklet?!? Where's the eraser!

These are so great. I hope you find a hundred more. I still can't imagine how they've stayed in such excellent shape for all these years. I mean, was nobody flipping them up all this time? They're barely even dented at the staples. It's like a miracle.

Doc Briar said...

Thanks for presenting another great find.
Allow me to quote these apropo lines from Bennie Nawahi's song 'My Girl from the South Sea Isles':
O, when she starts to wiggle
They start to giggle
She'll put you in a trance
With her south seas dance

JMR777 said...

My guess as to how this hula girl stayed in such good shape, it fell behind dad's private drawer and was forgotten about until it was time for dad to move to Florida. It's as good a guess as any other.