Monday, September 5, 2022

Mandy Moonshine in a Mountain Dew Hillbilly Hat

Imagine my mind explodin' last week after finding not only another beautiful midcentury mannequin, but also an original 50's or 60's Mountain Dew hillbilly advertising hat-- and both at the same antique mall! And here they are together, the magnificent mannequin modeling MD's Willie the Hillbilly mascot hat from all angles, (as well as the crocheted lingerie onesie I also found for her that day --the wig, choker, and other assorted jewelry were all purchased elsewhere on another day.) I'm not sure who produced this mannequin, but a few expert friends o'mine have suggested she might be a Darlings Display, or even a Vivante. Anyhoot, she looks quite fetchin' in that feather 'n felt, Ozarky mountain cap, complete with the original, vintage Mountain Dew iron-on logo, and some colorful, quick-fix patches-- because ya know life is hard in them thar hills! It all brings'ta mind a lovely lil Al Capp Dogpatch lass, so yes, I'm namin' her Mandy Moonshine! Anyway, I believe the hat was a mail-away offer prize, or a grocery store give-away, or maybe even both. There were also other variations of the hat available: one floppy 'n brimless and minus the feather, as well as a straw hat version to boot!


Brian Barnes said...

It's well know that drinking too much of the dew means you end up having to have the bottom part of your legs chopped off.

You find stuff in super good condition. Is that hat felt? For a advertising give-a-way it's in super nice condition.

Mr. Cavin said...

Woof, I don't remember ever seeing anything like that teddy in Dogpatch USA before. I gotta get to the Ozarks more often!

Doc Briar said...

Love the mannequin. Now that's a gal Al Capp hisself woulda hankered after.
When you found that wonderfully preserved headgear,did you shout "Yahoo! It's sody pop named after illegally distilled liquor!"?

Mr. Karswell said...

>Is that hat felt?

It is indeed, --pretty sure I mentioned that in the intro! lol

>I don't remember ever seeing anything like that teddy in Dogpatch USA before.

Tattered or skimpy is the name of the game in female fashion down in good 'ol Dogpatch!

>did you shout "Yahoo!

You know it! :)