Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Girl and the Gold

If you're enjoying the recent golden age Kirk of Scotland Yard series stories I've been posting over at THOIA, you may also dig another heroic entry from a different back-up character featured in many issues of Manhunt as well. This time it's a Royal Canadian mountie known as "The Red Fox" (no relation to Fred Sanford) and we find him in the wickedly cold wilds of the Great White North taking on a ruthless, and very violent gold thief who just as easily splits a head with an axe as he does feeding an innocent young lady to a pack of ravenous wolves! Hold onto to your hats and gloves, you're gonna need 'em, because this tale is also illustrated by the great, L. B. Cole, who many of you THOIA freaks know as the man responsible for an amazing array of precode horror comic book covers! From the October 1947 issue of Manhunt #1.


Brian Barnes said...

OK the double sort of splash is very different. I know the first one is basically "here's what you are reading" but then the second, out-of-time splash confuses me. It shouldn't -- it's my fault -- just use to comics operating a certain way.

This is full of excellent art, from top to bottom, but the coloring (and I suspect printing) isn't doing the fine line work the effort it deserves. I assume Kars had a hard time cleaning it up!

Poor wolves! Last page has some great action sequences.

"Weeth Thees Kees" OK, I'm not the biggest fan of accents in comic balloons, I mentioned this before. I think it makes reading more difficult than it should.

Mr. Cavin said...

Wow! excellent, delicate artwork by Cole, and I think the color job is top notch--spare, well considered and applied. I especially like pages three and six. Neat story. I'm not usually all the way into the western and frontier stuff, so hooda thunk I'd fall for a Canadian Mountie story?

Mr. Karswell said...

>"Weeth Thees Kees"

I tend to agree, but come one, that's one damn cute line to end the story on!

>excellent, delicate artwork by Cole

Agree about this as well... need to look up more Cole stories for future posts, stay tombed...