Friday, August 26, 2022

A Coin for the Hippy Chick's Hair Slot

I picked up this cute lil meditating mod 60's hippy chick bank yesterday. She's a neat mix of paper mâché / compost, hand painted from her head to her tiny toots, and with a little red gem on her necklace. Not a whole lot of info about these banks online (unless someone knows otherwise, please comment), but as the sticker next to the rubber stopper notes, she is indeed Made in Japan. The few other examples I spotted online show that she came in a variety of groovy, psychedelic color schemes and pose styles. The coin slot is neatly camouflaged in her long dark hair on the back of her head, --and good lord, if my cat would only stop bothering her, I bet she could like totally get some dang meditating done already this morning and finally float away to some spiritual land where coins are still used!


Brian Barnes said...

That so cute! Another older and surprisingly good condition find. That's a really good sculpt on the face, she really looks content. I wonder what she looked like when the paint was new? I suspect a bit more colorful.

Mr. Cavin said...

I dig the look of that color job, like it was brushed onto the cast super thin and watery, so it collected in the details but thinned out in other places. Brian may be right that it has faded, but I prefer to imagine that's just the effect they were going for. I mean, it looks like you can see the paint bubbles in her hair, even.

Mr. Karswell said...

Her paint doesn't look faded in person, might just be my photos. Her rubber stopper though has definitely seen better days, it's as hard as a petrified rock and has chipped pieces.

Thanks for the comments-- a another cute figurine is up next-- and direct from Dogpatch USA too!