Saturday, August 6, 2022

Fiona Originals: Las Vegas Showgirl Doll '79

Found this cute Fiona Original doll from 1979 the other day, and have to say I'm shocked that I've never heard of these until now considering how much I adore Las Vegas showgirl culture! So, unlike the real showgirls, she's not made of the most top notch material, fyi, but she's still pretty great none the less in her silver boots and glued-on glitter outfit and fancy feathers. That's right, her entire top, bottom, choker, and wrist bands are simply glitter glued right on her plastic flesh --you can even see where it has rubbed off over the years and missing in a few places. (I'd call that a nip slip if she actually had nipples, but as with most 70's dolls, she's missing those too!) "Not recommended as a toy" it says on the bottom of the base, and I'm also not sure if she's modeled after any one particular famous showgirl or what, but googling "Fiona Originals", I do see there were quite a few of these made, and in a variety of lovely shapes, colors, and hair styles. 


Brian Barnes said...

That's the problem with dating a showgirl, glitter gets on everything!

Mr. Cavin said...

That is definitely a "costume malfunction" as I understand the term: What happens when the glitter glue rubs off. I love her. I especially love her shiny, knee-high astronaut luchadora space boots and her wee star hair ornament. She'd look amazing with a little Barbarella-style bubble helmet and chrome laser musket.