Saturday, June 18, 2022

Vincent Price Shrunken Head Kit ('75)

Finally scored myself a Vincent Price Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture craft kit last week-- complete and never used as well! The one I had originally back in 1975 has long since vanished from my life, though I somehow managed to hang onto the one shrunken head that I actually made when I was seven years old (see pix below.) Anyway, it was fun to set everything up again and I even put my original shrunken head back into "The Shrinker" after all these years, haha. I was tempted to leave him in there and see if the lamp heat would somehow soften him up a bit-- mostly so I could reform his smooshed nose, --but alas, time has not been too incredibly kind on him as he's literally turned into the equivalent of a hunk of hardened rock. So I guess that means I'll just have to make another one, eh? Stay tuned, it may not be until Halloween, but you can be sure I will fire up the 'ol Shrinker again and make another! (*insert maniacal Vincent Price laugh here!)


Brian Barnes said...

You can stick Mr. Price on about anything and it's cool!

I've never actually seen on of these out in the wild, I always wondered about the teeth/eyes/hair and see they came with the kit.

Mr. Cavin said...

I never had one. How long does it take? So the heating element in the Shrinker is a light bulb, like the Easy-Bake Oven? And there's a fan to dry out the heat and keep everything from rotting? I have no idea how you ensure there will be any nose on your shrunken apple.

I can't wait to see what you produce. Get it, produce? I gotta million of 'em.

JMR777 said...

Now This is the coolest of cool items.

Glad you scored this Karswell, if anyone deserves a Vincent Price Shrunken Head Kit, its you.

This needs to make a comeback, I wonder if a food dehydrator would work.

Tom said...

Looking forward to "the shrinkening".