Friday, June 10, 2022

Evil Mind

I haven't posted a vintage novelty gag gift box in a while, so here's one I found just today with my sister while on another one of our many antiquing excursions this week. Manufactured in the 60's by Golden's Magic Wand (based in Costa Mesa, CA), this one has three levels of eye poppin' hilarity: First comes the sinister box lid with a Confucius style, asian font warning --to really throw you off from what comes next. Now, lift the lid for the sexy "adults only" reveal! Ain't she cute? But wait-- there's more! Lift another level to reveal the silly Dalmatian with the dirty pillow eyes! Haha... did any of you see where that gag was going? Arf! 


Mr. Cavin said...

Hah, totally nutty! Going by eye-color, I guess that dog's an albino who's been standing under the easel? I can't see the woman's eyes. Both of them have pretty nice collars, though.

Brian Barnes said...

It's interesting that on the woman panel they didn't color match the plastic part! She's got a really weird tan, I guess!