Monday, June 27, 2022

Cavalcade Comments: Movie Edition

Speaking of Cavalcade magazine, (see our previous post) the October, November, and December 1953 issues each contain some really funny two-page "Cavalcade Comment" articles, cutely and hilariously illustrated by Hayles, and poking fun at the movies and the people who go to see them. From the then new, early 50's fads like sci-fi films and 3D gimmickry, to people's mimicry reactions to the films themselves-- is nothing sacred?! Hahaha... enjoy!


top_cat_james said...

Wonder if the bit with the widescreen elongated limbs inspired this later comic book cover gag.

Brian Barnes said...

It's funny to look back at things through time -- wide screen, stereo sound, etc, are all bare minimums for a movie theatre experience in this day and age!

"Scientifiction" I've never heard that in my whole life! "Science Fiction", yes, but I've never heard them run together aside from sci-fi. Neat!

I need to find a copy of "Follies de Parie!"

Mr. Cavin said...

Along those lines, I'm not sure I've very often seen the word "tec" in the wild to mean "detective." I mean, I know that meaning because it's in every single crossword puzzle, but besides maybe the odd Dashiell Hammett story, they've mostly just been "dicks" to me.

Anyway, i really love all cartoons about movies! Thanks for these!

JMR777 said...

"The process is being completed by transferring our six-gun hero to the Martian bad lands" - they predicted Cowboys vs Aliens.