Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's Month Massacre (PART ETC...)

Okay, I lied... we weren't quite done with the vintage Valentines yet this month. The reason being last Sunday was The Great Midwest Paper Show here in STL, and finding all these beautiful cards there to add to my collection translates into "better late than never" for everyone! Picked up some really nice "mechanical" cards too (meaning: moving eyes, tongues, limbs, shopping carts, accordions, and a bear that shivers on a frigid radiator!) And look-- more plump hot dog action, PLUS bananas! Hey, ever see a sweetheart tortured in a stockade, or a Bluebeard themed Valentine's card? You will today. NEXT: No more V-cards for a whole year!




Mr. Cavin said...

Man the astronaut kids cards are always so super great. I really want to see a whole blog dedicated to fantasy astronauts--from art, films, ads, toys, etc.--some day. But even still I think the wurst card is the best one. That waitress is unstoppable.

Amber Von Felts said...

I think this is the best batch yet! The last one is a bit of a diss, no? I think the banana boy is priceless and the stockade & Bluebeard tie for most absurd! Good finds!

Mr. Karswell said...

Haha, the wurst card is the best card... very funny Mr. C. And yes Amber, I do believe that one is a diss! It's cute when you open it up because he's actually a separate piece glued to a tiny spring glued to the card, so he appears to be shivering when the card opens! :)

Thanks again for those of you who "beared" with all this ooey gooey love stuff this month! Back in March with everything else too!