Monday, December 4, 2023


While some of you are still trying to finish up last month's Thanksgiving Day leftovers, I just remembered that I still have a horrific Halloween morsel I totally forgot to feed to you! Yes sir, this is a fun, and highly unique 60's (or maybe early 70's) Rust Craft Studio greeting card, creature-featuring a hysterical holiday salute with a super silly, monsteriffic board game themed design! Comes complete with a working spinner which is perplexingly glued to the FRONT of the card, thus making actual same-time utilization of it and the gatefold play field game INSIDE impossible, haha-- the joke is totally on you! Anyway, it's loaded with hilarious artwork, plus some very witty writing ("You're a cup of coffee!"), --just make sure to swift-foot it as you boldly break out those dried owl's eyes! They definitely don't make 'em like this anymore!


JMR777 said...

The Bat-Eating Black Breasted Bringle Bird is one more mascot to add to the menagerie in the haunted hallowed grounds of The Horrors Of it all.

The full name is a bit long, how about we just call it Bringie?

I wonder if this bird ever ate a vampire in bat form by accident? That would have made a one page quickie horror tale.

Thanks as always for sharing with us you great finds, its really appreciated.

Brian Barnes said...

I have to marvel at the work done on this card, the printing, the spinner, the colors, etc. It must have been a pretty expensive card at the time!

If I had to pick a favorite, I love the castle at the beginning; it slants to the right and is full of that kind of freehand detail you see a lot in these card illustrations. Reminds me of stuff you'd see in kids mags like Dynamite.
I also love the green moon and bats!

Mr. Cavin said...


I'm not really sure how the original illustrations were colored--maybe marker?--but I really dig this children's book aesthetic: Muddy colors, all mottled and spotty. I think my fave is the cemetery tile, but the mad cobbler and snake pit are also really great. Also that cup of coffee square, looking like some kind of gothic Kool-Aid Man.