Sunday, November 26, 2023

Talking Toilet

Who could ever forget the classic Twilight Zone episode starring Telly Savalas about the malicious talking toilet that makes spooky, murderous threats of death upon his life? "I'm talking toilet, and I'm going to kill you..." and my favorite bit, "I'm going to wipe you out!" What an eerie episode! And here's the great novelty gag version of it from 1971 to redden your face and make you run screaming from the bathroom, as it hurls macabre threats against you and your dirty, doomed derriere! The fun artwork on the box really sells the prank too. No more party poopers.


Brian Barnes said...

I hope you washed that before taking a picture! :)

The front artwork is really interesting, it looks like the same artist but has an extra large inked line around the central figure, which is good -- it really makes it "pop" out of the frame (as if she is coming towards you.)

I love the really scratchy doodle like drawings on some of these package, and this one is no exception. Why the guy is saluting with a bedpan, I'm not sure!

Does it still work? What kind of sounds/stuff does it say?

Mr. Cavin said...

So this guy in the suit and tie seems to be holding a bed pan? This seems like a backfire, you know? If you make using the toilet startling enough, your guests will just use up your other receptacles. Probably not the end result party hosts were shooting for when they tricked out the john.

I love all the red-faced art.

Mr. Karswell said...

Unfortunately does not work!