Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Doll Story

Speaking of mannequins (see our previous post), here's a sexy little 4-page article and photo lay-out from an early 60's issue of Monsieur, "the magazine for the man of the world", detailing Sweden's Vaxdockan, aka The Doll (1962), plus a few other adult foreign films in production from that era about mannequins that come to life. It's hard to tell what type of mannequins these are as the photographer seems to have clearly and deliberately shot them looking away from the camera. Anyway, I've never seen any of the films mentioned in the article either, but will definitely be adding them to my find / watch list ASAP.


Craftypants Carol said...

That's so funny. A couple hours ago I watched the Journey to the Unknown ep where the guy takes a mannequin home because he's fallen in love with her and thinks she's real - then I saw this!

Mr. Cavin said...

Ha ha "Falloutov!" The apocalyptic Cold War producer! Snort. Somebody was polishing-up their National Lampoon application.

I love these pictures. It's amazing how well the model's skin matches the mannequins in the color photos. I wish it was a real movie. Something like Tarkovsky's MANIAC.

Doc Briar said...

I can verify that "4 1/4" is a masterpiece, but I only watched 3 1/2 minutes of it.
Incidentally, the model in the article is not a mannequin. She just lies there like one. Thanks,folks.

Brian Barnes said...

One of the films I did for Monodpiece Theatre featured somebody running around the world after a mannequin he fell in love with, and while that was a comedy nudie-cutie, I'm not surprised multiple pictures like this exist.

Honestly, these pictures have a more ominous vibe than I think was anticipated.

Great, now I need to move Doris Wishman's Indecent Desires up my list, as it's tangentially related!

Mr. Karswell said...

The first film this article is talking about, Vaxdockan, aka The Doll (1962) from Swedish doesn't seem to be available online anywhere for streaming. But a Russian synthpop band called Somerset took some key scenes from the film and created a music video for their song Манекен (Mannequin), which you can see here:

And here's the link to the Journey to the Unknown "Eve" episode that CPC mentioned:

Thanks for the comments :)