Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Sally and the Gang: Hot Dawgs!

Just as hot dogs are full of random tasty filler, these Sally and the Gang one page shorts could be found as bonus filler in a variety of popular late 40's - early 50's Harvey Golden Age comics (ie: Terry and the Pirates, Black Cat, Lil Abner, Green Hornet, Mazie & Flat-Top, Kerry Drake etc.) And of course in typical teen fashion of said era, nothing ever seemed to go right for any of the characters involved in any of the crazy situations. So with that, here are three very funny misadventures about her and her boyfriend attempting to manage a beach hot dog stand, and if you're unfamiliar with Sally, these are a perfect introduction to their ongoing, slapsticky chaos. 


Crafty C said...

By Jingo? I’ve never heard that one. Awesome comics! I know exactly where they’re going!

Brian Barnes said...

The sing-song lingo on this is pretty funny at times. The good girl art on this is crazy good, and it's the type of art where all the guys are drawn more goofy and all the women are drawn more realistically and more HOT DAWG!

Mr. Cavin said...

These are pretty cool. I feel like I've read some of these before, but if you didn't post them I have no idea where or when. Looking over the AEET archives I don't see any more. Hmm.

So, Sally and her gang appeared in a slew of different titles from Harvey. I assume that--like Archie--these covered multiple topics. Were all of these hot dog / beach-themed pages taken from the same mag? It'd be cool if the cast of recurring characters was consistent from series to series, but the comedy situation itself was only consistent from book to book. Sandy beach hot dog hut comics in Black Cat, but football and cheerleading practice comics at Kerry Drake, etc.

Anyway, I thought these were fun. All the hot dogs looked really gross though. Why were they all colored gray? Gray meat, gray bun. Ew.

Mr. Karswell said...

>By Jingo? I’ve never heard that one.

That makes two of us!

>The sing-song lingo on this is pretty funny at times.

Yet another "lost art" angle of funny comics!

>Were all of these hot dog / beach-themed pages taken from the same mag?

No, they were scattered about in a variety of different titles, some of better quality than others too, so I spent a bit of time attempting to make them look better.

Thanks for the comments-- more funny girlie comics up next too!