Saturday, May 29, 2021

Dracula Lives!

 Our Friday Frights Triple Birthday Celebration Double Header Weekend (whew!) concludes with a blood sucker classic, this time for the late great Christopher Lee, and from the March 1951 issue of Suspense #7. And once again happy birthday to Vincent Price and Peter Cushing as well! And speaking of vampires, I'll have some very exciting related news to share with everyone soon-- so lock all your doors and windows (and coffin lids) and stay tombed!!


Brian Barnes said...

I like the clean art in this one, kind of a Johnny Craig-ish type job and vampire. I really like the bowl cut, it's actually menacing!

I have to have a minor complaint, Dracula (spoilers!) is fooling us ... in his own thoughts? That's why captions can be a double edged sword.

I like the splash and I like when our helpless victim first appears in the door. By the last two pages you know where it's going but you are just waiting for the guy to make a mistake with the stake (there's a song lyric for you) and then it happens and "welp, that's guy's meat!"

Happy Saturday Suspense!

Mr. Cavin said...

It's so cool when these things end with a dialog-free panel. Any space devoted to something so highfalutin' as mood may feel a little bit like padding in an environment where it's usually such a precious resource. And sometimes a wordless denouement even feels a little bit like a confession about how predictable the finale turned out to be. But I always totally dig them. They are like the comic story version of a rim shot; or some old vaudevillian waving his jazz-hands: "ta-Daah!"

That said, my favorite panel here is the second one. I just love that cartoon of the house and whipping trees fully surrounded by water. Like it was built in a lake. I mean, it's a pretty picture, framed by the tree and the ripples; but as far as comic overstatement goes, it's really funny too.

Guy Callaway said...

I love that Drac looks like one of those little bendy figures you could buy in a drugstore.

Doc Briar said...

I enjoy these Friday Frights. Thanks, Karswell.
The Count in this tale looks a bit like Gale Gordon from the Lucy Show. I almost expected her to appear in an additional panel bawling after Drac revealed himself.

Re: your previous post, It Happened in the Lab, I could have sworn the artist was Graham Ingels if we didn`t know otherwise. String influence, eh?

Guy Callaway said...

'The Count in this tale looks a bit like Gale Gordon from the Lucy Show.'

Off-topic, but if you dig misguided '60's "relevance", do seek out the TV special 'Lucy In London'. It's beyond belief!