Monday, June 7, 2021

Sun of '71

We're finally getting the 'ol beach ball rolling around here in June 2021, and I apologize for missing Friday Frights last week, I've been busy with a few new projects, --but we'll make up for it with a double horror header this coming Friday! Anyway, I dug out one of my old pharmacy calendars for todays post, and since summer is only a few weeks away I thought we'd focus on these sizzlin' hot suntan / sunburn lotion ads from STL's very own, Brouk's Concord Village Pharmacy calendar, dated 1971. These ads were printed super tiny, so I scanned them in a bit larger, hence why they have that wonderfully odd look to them. Lovely photography and cute illustration mingle perfectly together to create a fantastic glimpse into the early 70's. The calendar was also a bit warped having been rolled up for several decades, with the paper turning as brown as the beautifully bare lady flesh you're about to see below. Some groovy bikinis on display as well, plus I rounded everything out with a few Maybelline eye make-up ads, because aye-eye-aye, why not?   


Brian Barnes said...

The last thing I want to do is attempt to play guitar with greasy cocoa butter on my fingers!

The third ad cracks me up -- why is the dude so gleeful? OK, she's topless, sure, but she's also cooked like a lobster you're not getting any further than just spraying on crap and then listening to her scream in pain every time something touches her and tears off another piece of burnt flesh!

On the 8th ad, skipping the lines of the yellow bathing suit makes me think she's nude and she just got a super bizarre tan line from "QT!"

Mr. Cavin said...

Ah, the very reason I grew up unable to spell hurricaine.

I'm totally digging the mod bikinis. I think the yellow model with the sort of dingle ball trim in that last Coppertone ad is my fave.

Welp, I'm off down memory lane: Hawaiian Tropic ads from the eighties! Why would you advertise suntan lotion with an image of a girl turning into a tiger? "Want stripes?" Doesn't seem like the best marketing campaign.

Or campaine.

JMR777 said...

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, especially with the cold weather that hit parts of the east cost only one week ago.

Its hard to imagine that those swimsuits were considered skimpy back then.

These ads from the 70's have a charm all their own, thanks for posting them.

Guy Callaway said...

Beyond greatness!

Mr. Karswell said...

Can't rightly say I'm a fan of tans, but I do love the smell of cocobutter and if there's anything that can cure the 'ol summertime blues, it's most definitely stuff like this. Thanks for the comments --more half naked ladies coming up next!