Tuesday, December 1, 2020

To Ghost or Not to Ghost

That is indeed the question! England has ghost stories for xmas-- why can't we in the states? So my vow here at AEET for the month of December will be a ghost story every week of the month leading up to xmas, you know, mixed in with the other usual sort of random stuff you've all come to (hopefully) love about this blog. And we'll kick it off with a bit o'light-hearted haunted house hi-jinx with my all-time favorite comedy duo in one of their sillier Charlton comic book adventures --oh, and I promise the ghostly tales will get much more spooky as we get closer to xmas, let's just ease into it, shall we? From the February 1970 issue of Abbott & Costello #13, plus a bonus one page quickie from issue #4 to round things out as well! Do you dig?


Brian Barnes said...

It's not just Charlton Abbot & Costello, it's Charlton THROUGH Hanna-Barbera Abbot & Costello! Probably a good decision as I really like the look, it works well for the comic and it really reads as A&C. Lou has a bit better expressions than Bud, but it's a fun little comic that does unfold like a A&C sketch.

I don't know what Fred's problem is on the quickie, she's certainly a good looker, he's lucky!

top_cat_james said...


Seriously, what's the deal here? Except for two panels, Costello is rendered either in profile or he is obscured or facing away from the reader. Strange.

Mr. Cavin said...

I really dig ll the SLAM, ZIP motion and sound effect panels. There are enough to cobble together a cute little strip without people, just a grandfather clock running around the hallways of an abandoned house.

I really dig the spookie-doo art in the one-pager. Somebody put a lot of time into that, it's dripping with clever visual mood. It's too bad that illustrator is just another question mark in the GCD credits.

Mr. Karswell said...

As mentioned I'll have lots more spooky ghost stories for the lead up to xmas all this month. Thanks for the comments-- I even have another lucky spirit for you up next-- stay tombed!