Friday, December 11, 2020

R.I.P. Richard Corben

I'm sure by now everyone's heard about the unfortunate passing of comic book legend, Richard Corben. A hugely influential, one-of-a-kind, artist extraordinaire, not only on the underground comics scene, but on the majors as well, and seriously, is there anyone on this planet who hasn't marveled at Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell album cover? I know it blew my 9 year old mind when it first came out, and still does to this day. Anyway, I've posted quite a few of his more gruesome tales over at THOIA over the years, and since it's December I'm guessin' some of you may need some xmas themed terror, so after today's encore presentation of one of my all time favorite twisted tales (from the October 1983 issue of Twisted Tales #5), head over to the THOIA Archive and CLICK HERE and HERE for some not-so-holly, and not-even-remotely-jolly horror day classics. And once again, R.I.P. to my fellow Missourian...


Slayla said...

I had no idea about the album art. I was a huge fan of Den. Love this story you posted! This is also new to me.

Mr. Karswell said...

You will have a complete set of twisted tales by January or my name isn’t Mr. Karswell! ;)

Glowworm said...

I've seen a few of Richard Corben's stories while reading some Creepy. His art style was definitely unique to say the least. Sorry to hear of his passing. I love the irony of this story. They just shot their town in the foot. I don't even think that poor guy was doing anything wrong. I mean, he was even practicing social distancing!

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, Peaches Records was exactly how I first discovered Corben--as well as Frazetta, Roger Dean, Patrick Nagel, Peter Max, Robt Williams, Kieth Haring, and so many more. Maybe Giger. Maybe Jack Davis (though that was likely movie posters). TO this day, album covers are my favorite vector for commercial art, square my favorite aspect ratio.

Rest in peace Richard Corben. This is terrible news capping off a terrible news year.

Brian Barnes said...

Corben's favorite work for me was always the horror work, he was born to draw that kind of stuff. That said, his sci-fi/sword & sorcery stuff (a lot of times mixed!) was great, too.

He did a Hulk comic a while back that was also good.

But his horror based stuff? Incredible. Whenever he did something for Warren, it was always a stand out.

Bill the Butcher said...

I didn't know who did the Bat Out Of Hell album cover though I must have listened to the songs 1234567890 times over the years.

Wendy said...

Karma, sweet and beautiful Karma! said...

Corben died!
What a awesome body of work he left behind.
Den was maybe the most beautiful comic he did.
Arabian Nights looked great.
The Bat out of Hell cover was a career highlight.
He made a lot of great black and white underground horror before he did Creepy.
I think his underground stuff is my favourite,
but anything by Corben was always great to see.
It was always nice to see the Corben universe.
That guy never stopped writing and drawing.
Surely he's out there somewhere creating something still.