Saturday, October 31, 2020

Scarab Curse / Witches' Sabbat / Make A Monster

Mr. Karswell has a bunch of stuff for you guys today because what would Halloween be without mummies, monsters, and all other sorts of satanic, Samhain shenanigans! These assorted Charlton and DC things were of course to be originally divided up among THOIA and AEET, --plus a few others that I guess I'll just save for another time thanks to the ongoing 2020 curse! So sit back and light the midnight jack-o-lantern fires this evening, because hellelujah folks, it's finally Helloween! Everyone have a fun and scare-filled holiday! (scans from 1, 2, 3.)  

Mr. Cavin was once again up for the challenge, and he mixed up the pieces nicely to boot, haha! 
Thank you, Mr. C!


JMR777 said...

Make your own monster- now with the internet and do it yourself clip art, you can create all sorts of interesting mix and match possibilities-

A werewolf head on superman's body

Cain's head on green lantern's body

The vampire's head on a doctor's body, a doctor specializing in blood disorders

The mummy head on the body of a customer service rep (please hold for the next few thousand years, your call is important to us and will be handled in the order it was received)

A skull head on a supermodel's body (supermodels do tend to be on the thin side so it might be typecasting)

and so many more!

Great all Hallows fun, thanks Karswell!

Mr. Cavin said...


The art on the Make Your Own Monster page is definitely top-notch. The Demon and Creature parts are weird as hell for sure, but it was probably those ape feet for the werewolf bod that struck me as being the strangest thing there. But I guess if a gorilla were to be bitten by a radioactive wolf, then....

Bill the Butcher said...

The printing on this thing was eye straining, but worth it to learn that der F├╝hrer did escape the fall of Nazi Germany only to become a mummy in a London museum. Heil Mummler!

Brian Barnes said...

The Larson art is really interesting, I like all the Ghastly spit-mouths! It's full of interesting camera angles, but then it's wildly cartoon-ish at times. It's got a great feel to it. I wouldn't call it "good" in a representative of reality but it works really well for this comic.

Of course it's Charlton so the printing is kind of hit or miss.

I love the witch one-pager. Panel 3 Satan really approves of the breasts!

And as everybody else says, the "Make your own Monster" is awesome.

Wendy said...

Oh, wow! I wish I would have seen these Make Your Own Monster pages while I was doing #Artober over on Instagram -- I would definitely have put one together for that!

Mr. Karswell said...

It's never to late to Make Your Own Monster... I've updated the post with a Mr. Cavin assemblage spectacular so don't miss it! Hope everyone had a great Halloween! More Halloween coming up too, --FOR REAL!