Saturday, December 15, 2018

Fanny Hillman: Memoirs of a Jewish Madam

A funny little book from 1965 about the madam of a Jewish whorehouse. Highlighted by some sexy cute art, and I'm sure everyone here can easily identify the artist, but I'm not saying who because-- I wonder-- is there a reason why his name isn't credited anywhere at all inside the book?


JMR777 said...

I didn't have this but I had its sequel (key word is had, long gone now.)

If nothing else, this is a reminder of a time when ethnic humor caused chuckles, not people screaming racism at everything and anything. Many claim society is more tolerant today but you would never know it with so many easily offended nowadays.

Attention snowflakes and crybullies, this is just humor from another time, don't get your panties in a knot!

As always, thanks for all your posts, Karswell.

joecab said...

I'll bet Mark Evanier can tell us about this.

Nequam said...

Either the publisher thought Sergio wasn't a sufficiently nice-Jewish-boy name, or-- and I freely admit I don't know if MAD's artists were under contract then or freelancing-- there would have been a conflict with his MAD work.

Mr. Cavin said...

These are neat. Maybe he just didn't have much in the way of name value a mere two years after starting at MAD? (And that's assuming he actually sold this material in the same year it was published, and not three years earlier when he was freelancing all over New York). It's certainly not juvenalia, that's for sure. You know, I've never actually seen any immature work from Sergio. It's like he sprung up whole, his talent already fully-fledged.

Armpit Studios said...

I've always loved Aragon├ęs' style. More so when he drew skimpily dressed girls.