Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dead Man's Raft to Cap'n Crunch's Island Adventure

A neat new haven for Mr. Karswell recently opened in St. Ann MO called the Manhattan Antique Marketplace (locals click HERE for more info), and on my first trip there on their big Grand Opening weekend, I was able to score not one, but TWO items that I've seriously --and most importantly affordably-- been searching for forever: an original 70's MPC Dead Man's Raft model kit, as well as a Cap'n Crunch Island Adventure board game from Warren, from 1986. The model kit is based on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride (not the movie of course), and for those unaware, there was also a line of model kits based on the Haunted Mansion ride as well THAT I WOULD KILL FOR!! (see ad at the end of the post.) Anyway, this kit seems to be partially painted too as someone definitely made an attempt at piecing this gem together at some point.

I'll post pix if / when I actually get it fully assembled myself. Nothing beats that "zap action!" As a kid I had the "Dead Men Tell No Tales" kit, and there are already 70's pix of that fully built and painted as well somewhere over at my mom's. Those will get posted here too at some point.

The Cap'n Crunch Island Adventure game is missing the instructions board, but otherwise thankfully complete (it seems the 4 plastic figures are always the thing/s missing when one of these actually does turn up.) It's a fun game, roll the dice and / or draw a card to advance around the island, beat the Sogmaster and his soggies, and recover the Cap'n's treasure! Don't forget to protect the roof of your mouth from the cereal! Hey, maybe the sogmonsters aren't so bad after all?


And here's the incredible ad for the MPC Haunted Mansion 70's kits too!


Regularjoe said...

I had both series back when they came out originally.
You know what the best feature of them was? A pre-teen kid could actually assemble these and they actually worked as described.

I noticed the adjective original in your comment about questing for these, you do realize that the pirate kits have been recently remade and are available from places like Amazon? The box art isn't 100% original/retro but I like to think it's what's inside of the box that most people are really after.

JMR777 said...

Now this was a blast from the past, a stroll down memory lane for me, I remember both model kits, I even had and built the pirates kits.

Great score Karswell!

Armpit Studios said...

I've had that little robot for decades, but don't recall where I got it. Could it be that it came in a box of Cap'n Crunch? It's been standing in front of my monitors at each of my jobs since 1995. Before that it was stuffed into a box with tons of other toys and action figures for who knows how long.

Mr. Cavin said...

I'm really glad that you posted this here because I really wanted a nice close look at that beautiful Zap Action box art. Man that's just great. I think I'd have to frame that box and hang it. I sort of want a whole set of the boxes, because I assume they all look that good. Actually, I think I'm off to the internet now, to dig up the cover painting for that crocfight scenario.

Mr. Karswell said...

Many people have mentioned having the individual cereal character pieces but not the actual game. It's possible they were cereal box prizes, available separately too, I suppose.

>you do realize that the pirate kits have been recently remade and are available from places like Amazon?

Yes, but alas, they're not quite the same... and the same can be said for the re-issues of the MPC Vampire and Mummy Strange Change kits. And for me a HUGE part of these is most certainly the box art as much as the kit itself.

Thanks for the comments!