Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Universal Studios Monsters Big Coloring Book: Wolfman

Mr. Cavin asked to see the Wolfman pages from the Universal Studios Monsters Big Coloring Book, and here they are --see our last post too! I suppose some of these images could've been a bit more exciting, but the few that are, truly are. Hope to see more superb colored versions too!

***UPDATE!!!*** Mr. Cavin does it again! 

***UPDATE #2!!!*** JMR777 gets in on the coloring book fun too!

Thanks again to everyone that participated! :)


Mr. Cavin said...

Ha! These are so, uh, relaxed. I'm tempted to color that house. The end of this week is much, much busier around here than the beginning was. So it may be a few before I can comply. I hope somebody picks up my slack!

Mr. Cavin said...

(Oh, I just finally swung back round again and saw the second update. JMR777, your colored pages are excellent! Great work!)