Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Year Round Picnic Fare, and More!

Winter time may not stop me from BBQin', but it certainly puts a damper on the picnikin'! This gorgeously illustrated booklet from the National Dairy Council (1959) can at least keep us in the spirit of outdoor chow-a-thons, while also displaying fabulous illustrations, color, and design. I rounded the post out with some additional fine booklet cover art from my collection, all published around the same era, and all featuring that great sense of mid century style that I love so much.


Mr. Cavin said...

Man, that is some really interesting process work on the first brochure. First of all, it looks like it was created using both markers and water colors. Secondly, it looks like it was produced with three spot color screens (black, blue, and green) and at least one halftone screen for each, using clever overlaps to make all kids of values. It's very bizarre and busy, but I like it a lot. There's a super gestural and messy, unplanned quality to it that seems more akin to abstraction than commercial art. Pretty neat.

Crafty C said...

i have many things to say about this....

1. i really dig how kinda surreal the illustrations are.

2. i have never ever considered taking milk on a picnic.

3. i have not changed my mind.

4. i am simultaneously horrified and intrigued by the Curried Tomato Appetizer

5. but i'm way into the whole Frosty Fruit Shrub thing. i totally want to try that!

6. i swear someday i'm gonna make one of those molded savory gelatin salads like the Nippy Cheese Mold. really.

7. i'm sorry, but the Raclette-Appetizer Supreme is not a very well thought out idea. i have a hard time believing that anyone could scrape gooey, stringy melted cheese up with a cucumber strip.

8. i love love love the color Year Round Holiday Recipes season strips.

enough gab! cool stuff!

Mr. Karswell said...

Ahhh, what would AEET do without you two commenters? :)