Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Valentine... (PART ONE)

We've warmed the cockles of your Valentine heart with cooing cuteness and fuzzy cuddlies this month, now it's time to dim the lights and draw attention to those among us not so deserving of our awesome affections. That's right, some people were made to be shunned and ridiculed-- insulted even! And what better holiday is there to really rub it in than on the one day of the year devoted to love and kindness? So without further ado, here we have the first in another two part AEET post, featuring hilariously illustrated, double sided postcards with a twist-- the front side features the pleasant, deceptively friendly Valentine sugar, while the back is the equivalent of a salty slap right in the wounded kisser. I have no info on these cards other than this: there are 40 in the set, and that they were printed in the USA (it also says CVC in the small print line.) The guy I bought these off of says they're from the 60's and I would LOVE to know who the artist is, as I'm guessing that one person is responsible for drawing all of them. More unkind kicks to the arse in PART TWO up next, but for now let's open this with the kindest card in the bunch!

(To be continued...)


Crafty C said...

heart warming stuff :)

i know i'm kinda slow sometimes but i don't get the gay blade one. it looks like the guy is maiming himself with the razors or something.

Mr. Karswell said...

Gay Blade on wiktionary says a flamboyant man.

Crafty C said...

yeah. i know that's what it used to mean. but is cutting your face up with two razors supposed to be flamboyant? i just don't get it. maybe i'm looking too much into the joke. maybe the joke is just the blade part?

KL from NYC said...

Do you think these might have been sold with gum? -- there were lots of unusual sets in the mid- to late-1960s. They seemed to be aimed at kids.
Nowadays, I don't think kids could exchange these at school. In fact, I can't think of any 1960s kid humor items that wouldn't cause an uproar in today's school management offices.
What a shame.
(A kid recently got expelled for pointing his finger at another kid and saying "bang, bang" -- It makes me glad to be older.)

Mr. Karswell said...

Other than what's in my intro, I have no other info about these cards. If anyone finds out anything please let me know or put the info here in the comments. Thanks!

The other 20 cards in this set up next!

Mr. Cavin said...

Wow. These are pretty great. What a find! I love the monsters at the top of the post. That Frankenstein is super. What size are these? Full four by six inch postcard size; or smaller, like trading cards?

Can't wait for part two. Happy Valentines' Day, everyone!

Mr. Karswell said...

Standard post card size, but they're printed on a nice thick card stock, much heavier than typical postcards.

JMR777 said...

Maybe these are the modernized version of penny dreadfuls, though these are anything but dreadful. What a great cynical view of Valentines Day.