Saturday, June 8, 2024

Curse of the Inkwell 2

Some of you may recall my "Curse of the Inkwell" post back in March 2023, HERE! You may also remember that the inkwell I found was way out of my price range too. Well, never fear, my antique hunting skills and patience have once again paid off and I found another one much closer to my worrisome wallet requirements. Alas, it is missing a bit more paint on the snout than I would like, but for the bargain price and the fact that it also includes the late 1800's nouveau-wild, "skinned" designed back paws / tail base tray (which is commonly missing from so many that you see online), well-- no brainer. Mine. I really love all the hairy detail of the mane, claws, and paws though, and the fact that since he's actually mounted that he looks sort of like a bat from the back thanks to the curvy folds of the tray, haha. We can still debate on whether it's a lion, a tiger, a wolf, a demon-- or some crazy hybrid mix of a few different man-eaters --but say, you do remember that I also have a match safe HERE painted like a tiger with this same exact head too, dont'cha?


JMR777 said...

Lion, tiger (or mutant bear, oh my) it is a unique find.

Antique expert Rob Rau once said "If you own one, you are an owner, if you own two, you're a collector". Your collection of great oddities is a treat to all fans of AEET.

Brian Barnes said...

That's ... a crazy weird design. It's like ... and I'm just picking lion ... has melted into a puddle but isn't all that worried about it. I know you think it's a carpet type design and could well be but looks like a puddle to me. I assume this is functional, catching ink drops maybe?

Regardless, it's a great design. It's like lion meets "The Thing", which is probably a movie you don't want to be in. Flipping open the head makes it even more scary!

Good job finding this one at a good price!

Mr. Cavin said...

Wow, I thought that thing was big when it was just the top piece. I'm really surprised to see it is actually so much bigger. I suspect this was not made for ye olde roll-top desk, but I'm coming up short trying to imagine the environment in which this thing was intended to be fittest. Maybe the long arms checkroom at a gentlemen's lodge? Reception desk at a witch hotel?

Whatever it is, it's gonna be just perfect in your own Victorian den. I'm happy to see that you got a branded inkwell cap on this one (missing from the pricier, but incomplete, model you passed on before).

To me the design looks like the angry ghost of this... um, animal... is rising out of that trophy pelt, ready to wreak revenge on the whole hunting club. Or witch hotel.