Friday, April 1, 2022

Life-Sized Living Barbie

Speaking of Barbies, I drove to Michigan last week and picked up a few more vintage mannequins, one in particular being a very beautiful midcentury style model that I couldn't wait to get. Missing one finger, plus a few typically added bumps 'n bruises over the years, I immediately set out to transform her into a life-sized Living Barbie (see catalog pages below.) Her outfit is actually an old nightie I found at a haberdashery, while the jewelry, glasses, and flower in her hair were all from Goodwill. The wig I found in my attic and was originally part of an old mermaid costume. After fixing her up and taking a step or two back, I think she turned out pretty amazing, and definitely a bit reminiscent of the vintage Living Barbie doll (minus bangs) from 1970 --and CLICK HERE for the original commercial starring a young Maureen "Marsha" McCormick!


Mr. Cavin said...

That flower's a great accessory for the nightie. I mean, in the picture, they almost look like they are made out of the same stuff.

I dig that kind of strange mannequin design. I mean, when I saw her, I was immediately put in mind of figurative surrealism--or at least the kind of emotionally mutated anatomies inhabiting Gauguin paintings--with her sloped shoulders and uncanny neck, her impressively developed trapezii and slinky hips. But then she looks way more natural once you drop the clothes onto her. Apparently some strategic know-how goes into crafting a dummy frame. So cool.

Good find!

Guy Callaway said...

Useless trivia:

It's said that 'Malibu' Barbie was based on poor Sharon Tate from the film 'Don't Make Waves' (1967) - that's her character's name.
I have zero to back this up, but I can buy that.

JMR777 said...

If you are forming an army of mannequins to take over the world, Good for You!

If nothing else, a few mannequins in your house seen from outside while you are away will trick any burglar into thinking the family is at home and not worth robbing.

If a burglar does break in and the mannequins turn the burglar into a mannequin, well the miscreant gets what he deserves.

Brian Barnes said...

Nice job, my single mannequin (I'm not getting in a mannequin war with you, I definitely loose the war of numerical superiority!) has that exact same stand -- and I was in MI when I got it -- so I'm betting they are closely related.

I like the Barbie look, and I can see not wanting to cut the wig for bangs. She really looks like she's sizing up the mannequin in black!