Tuesday, April 19, 2022

"Goodbye, Ruby Shoes Day..."

Occasionally while out hunting antiques, I see these midcentury Ardalt-Lenwile China figurines (made in Japan) with the soft cloth, stuffed fabric pillow base. They always seem to be a bit pricey though so I've never purchased one, --until today. Surprisingly affordable at $8.00 (I thought maybe there'd be some chips or cracks somewhere, but nope, just missing the trademark foil sticker on the bottom), she is definitely one of the more charmingly original figurines I've seen, featuring an adorable young lady in a pretty dress, slipping off her shoes while seated on her big comfy cushion. The overall paint job is nice, though does feel a little rushed in places, but that too lends a certain charm to Heidi as well. And is her name really Heidi? I don't know... but I guess it is now. It also looks like she was sold as a pair with an accompanying male figure too, though the few photos on Google that I've found never seem to have her paired with the same boy twice. I guess now I'll have to figure this out, as well as find her lost companion!  Where are you, Hans-- or is it Peter?! Maybe the Creature already got you! And what's the Creature doing in the Swiss Alps?!! This blog post is all over the place! AIEEEE!!!


Brian Barnes said...

That's pretty pristine looking for $8!

I wonder if there's a utility purpose for them, like pin cushion or something? Or just a decorative idea.

Mr. Cavin said...

That's nice. I really like the sculpt on the hair. Nice photographin' too!

Doc Briar said...

I`ve not heard of these. Cute. She'd pair well with Karloff's monster, too.

JMR777 said...

Perhaps The Creature has a foot fetish and the maid is leading him on- naughty girl.

Mr. Karswell said...

>wonder if there's a utility purpose for them, like pin cushion or something?

Maybe you could lay your head on it next to her and take a little nap. A very little nap.

>Nice photographin' too!

Thank ya, Mr C! There's some darn good light on my porch for this sorta thang

>She'd pair well with Karloff's monster, too.

Haha, I thought about that actually... taking her down to the lake and doing a Frankie rock skip across the surface, lol.

>Perhaps The Creature has a foot fetish

Of course he does! All the greatest monsters do! ;)