Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Fashion Tress

Found a lovely, but rather beat-up old Fashion Tress counter head display earlier this week. When I see these, I always think they have tons of potential to be restored back to their beautiful midcentury glamour, and I'm all about doing just that! For those unfamiliar, counter heads were originally used in department stores back in the day to sell everything fashionable from the shoulders up: hats, wigs, jewelry etc... and after spending a few more bucks at the antique mall on a 1930's hat, imitation mink stole, Louise Brooks style wig, and a head scarf (I already had the eyelashes), I gave this gorgeous gal one grandiose goin' over. I still need to touch up her eyebrows a bit, but I think she turned out pretty spectacular.


Mr. Cavin said...

Excellent work. She looks really cinematic.

I never see these for sale; but if I did I would snap them right up, too. And like you, I would have grand plans of doing them up (though most of my ideas would have to do with modelling clay instead of accessories). What would actually happen is that I would fall in love with their creepy bald flaws and I would never do anything, just set them around the house as is. Maybe with a crown of Mardi Gras beads or something.

Just like I've done with all these beautiful anatomically correct skulls I bought and keep meaning to paint.

Brian Barnes said...

You upped your game from good will store accessories to antique store accessories!

Another very nice job!

Mr. Karswell said...

Well, that's not entirely true, I've been buying vintage clothing from antique malls for a long time now, it just seems like lately I've made some really good discoveries at thrift stores too

thanks for the comments