Thursday, September 30, 2021

Some Swell Addresses!

From Mr. Karswell's "They Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore" file, here's one of the more unique midcentury get well cards I've found in recent years, and this one comes packaged as a handy action address book complete with lots of deliciously embossed good girl art, plus phone numbers, addresses, and even some slightly naughty poetry! Another fun detail about this is all the little faux doodles and notes made by the address book's owner, haha. Yes sir, if these luscious ladies don't perk up your weakened state of health ASAP-- then you probably need a booster! (FYI: Friday Frights this week will move to a Saturday Shocker as we begin the month long roll-out of spooktacularly petrifyin' posts for October-- stay tombed!) 


Brian Barnes said...

Can we bring back "pitching woo?"

"Ida Ho"? No wonder she's hiding her face! :)

One good thing about this type of poetry, when you get to make up the name of the woman, it's pretty damn easy to rhyme!

I think I like Cherie Charms (rhymes with arms!) the best.

Daisy Dough (rhymes with Eskimo!) somehow reminds me of Kang's mother. I don't know why.

Fun little book!

Mr. Cavin said...

I'd like to coo with my baby tonight,
and pitch the woo with my baby tonight,
But brother you fight my baby tonight
Cause it's too darn hot.

Man, this thing was a big production, with way more pages than I was expecting and some pretty great pin-up art. I am also thoroughly enamored of the little tic-tac-toe games.

Bring on October!

Guy Callaway said...

Too much goodness!
Note how one of the frails is called a "home-girl". WAY before that awful phrase came in to use. :)
The more things change...

Mr. Karswell said...

>"Ida Ho"?

She'd have a massive amount of competition on tiktok these days with that name

>Bring on October!

I've just begun the brought, finally!

>Note how one of the frails is called a "home-girl". WAY before that awful phrase came in to use

See my comment above to Brian, also totally applies, haha