Monday, September 27, 2021

Little Edie Reproduction Swimsuit

I still haven't gotten around to fixing the damaged areas on my original midcentury kneeling Jantzen mannequin, (more HERE and HERE if you missed it) --and I still haven't found her missing right arm either. But! I did finally find her some awesomely appropriate fall swimwear, and now ::drum roll:: an endless round of thanks to my incredibly talented friend, Clint, who is seriously some kind of swimsuit sewing / vintage pattern findin' mastermind, aka mad scientist. Okay, before we get started I have to say that no, it's not a vintage Jantzen swimsuit, (which would totally make sense, right?) --but anyone familiar with the classic Grey Gardens documentary will undoubtably recognize this one-piece repo flower print, as worn by Edith Bouvier Beale, aka Little Edie herself in the film. And I'm sure you'll agree, it really looks stunning on my mannequin, the colors match her skin tone perfectly, and the fabric really adds a certain something extra to her shapely girl curves too. Thank you again, Clint!


Mr. Cavin said...

Oh man that's really great! Now she just needs a beach bag (or ball) that matches her hair, and she'll be ready for the sun and sand!

JMR777 said...

Well done Clint! The swimsuit would not be out of place circa early 1960's on a sun worshipper on Miami Beach, Atlantic City beach, Coney Island Beach, etc.

Brian Barnes said...

I never got a good look at the back of the head, and it's hard to see with the shadows, but are those hair rolls hollow? That looks really fragile! I'm surprised that lasted until now!

And nice job, Clint!

Doc Briar said...

Your friend did a great job on the swimsuit.
I'm curious about mannequin repair. Can you post your progress so we can see how it's done? Thanks.

Wendy said...

Beautiful! 😍

Guy Callaway said...

Little Edie!
If you care at all about documentaries/cinema, you need to see 'Grey Gardens'(1975). It's a staggering work.
Note: stay FAR away from the redundant Hollywoodland version (2009)!

Mr. Karswell said...

Just as I surely as I mentioned the Grey Gardens documentary in my post intro, (Guy!) I will absolutely post the progress of this mannequin's repair, (someday) if I ever actually have the nerve to do it!

The mannequin's hair in the back is in some kind of style that probably was popular during the time era and is in 6 different rolls, one of which moves around when you touch it as if it was snapped into place (and probably made that way for easy removal if you wanted to add a hat or something to the back of her head. Also, they're not hollow, it's just the hair is in separate piece rolls, but yes there is space inside the rolls.

Thanks for the comments and compliments --and hopefully Clint sees this post, lol

More beautiful girls up next ;)