Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Keyhole Cutie

Acquired this interesting little block of painted / carved wood this week, it's a kitschy piece of groovy 60's - 70's cuteness, and judging from the holes on the side edges, (likely meant for a piece of looped string), it was to be hanged or hung or hunged over a doorknob to give the illusion of peeping through a keyhole at a lovely young lady within the next room. And something tells me she knows you're looking! It also appears to have maybe been mounted on something originally as well... found nothing online for reference.


Craftypants Carol said...

Wow that’s cute! It looks kind of homemade - like it came from a lot

Mr. Karswell said...

I have a few others things that are sort of similar, like a little wall hanger of a guy flushing himself down the toilet and saying “Goodbye Cruel World”, and I believe it was produced by Hallmark or one of their groovy spin-off greeting card companies or even competitors. I also sort of think this keyhole cutie had a little sign or something originally pasted to the front (above the keyhole) as the paint feels a little different than on the rest of it

Brian Barnes said...

I do like how elastic the figure is, with the pipe-cleaner like arms and the big head. It's a pretty cool image!