Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Little Ass, or --Stop! You Will Get Me in Trouble

The novelty gag hits just keep a'comin', and you best tuck in that tongue, because the first one fools you with the 'ol one / two punch when you lift the box lid and see that you're not exactly getting the piece you were imagining, eh, amigo? Followed by a vintage ceramic mug I found for 50 cents that plays on the very popular one panel, adult mag gag comics of animalistic obsessions and danglin' bikini strings. Oh, who am I kidding, I like to pull the damn strings myself! (with nods to those old enough to remember the cute art of the puppy pulling down the bikini bottoms in the vintage Coppertone ads.)


Mr. Cavin said...

Aw. I love that mug. Although I know that Coppertone ad had already been around for years, every homage I see always reminds me of baby Jodie Foster. Then I want to watch Taxi Driver all over again.

Prank gag things like this always remind me of my grandfather, as I'm sure I've mentioned here before. It's a sweet memory, but it also comes with a reminder of that amazement I've always felt that gags like this amount to upselling a decorated box. The donkey is the same drop of molded plastic you might get out of a gumball machine for a nickel--but glue it into the bottom of a decorated box and it magically transforms into a two-dollar gag gift, probably more practically looked at as a three-dimensional greeting card than anything else. Some hilarious company makes a buck ninety (or so) profit off the guy playing the joke. The butt of the joke is out nothing but a laugh. There's some cosmic poetry going on there.

Brian Barnes said...

I have to give the woman props for the level of commitment to have her eyeshadow match her eye color!

I love the "little @ss" illustration, the bunny has such a great expression.

JMR777 said...

Asset- a little donkey.
Ascot- a little donkey's bed.
From the late great Jackie Wright from the Benny Hill Show.

This novelty gift matched Hill's style of humor, naughty, bawdy but funny all the same.

Thanks for the laugh, Karswell, its much appreciated.

Kittiana said...

Why cant they make cards like that anymore?