Saturday, April 24, 2021

Clamp Lamp

Summer is so close, yet still seems oh so far away, when in the midst of one Missouri (misery) week, the April temperature goes koo-koo for Karswell puffs from mid 80 degree's on Monday, to snow and freezing rain on Wednesday, and then slowly creeps back up to the mid 50's by the weekend. Lord, what's a guy got'ta do in these parts to get a little consistency?!! As you may have noticed, I'm not a fan of cold weather. I've lived in southern Cali and even Hawaii for half a year, but somehow I wound up right back here in the 'ol unreliable midwest. But one thing that will never fail me, is the amazing Clamp Lamp I inherited from someone down the line. It might be from the 60's, (definitely no later than the 70's), and the brilliantly groovy insert card art design below will surely tell you all you need to know. So go ahead and be brutal all yee want, Mr. Old Man Winter Spring, cuz I'm enjoying sun and heat lamp benefits right in my own home! I'd show you the actual lamp, but it's very anti-climatic compared to these booklet gems:


Doc Briar said...

As a former resident of the Rocky Mountain environs, I could have used this during the long winters. The first illustration demonstrates another great feature: the lamp also emits a fine mist of LSD.

Mr. Karswell said...

Haha, incense and peppermints scented!

JMR777 said...

I know its no consolation, but the weather in Eastern Pennsylvania has been fickle too. Spring like weather for a few days, freezing temps Thursday and Friday, back to spring (for now).
I always complain that March is the crazy month, it can't decide to be the last month of winter or the first month of spring, now April is acting like March's little brother.

Here's hoping June will be warm, but knowing my luck it will be the start of a heat wave, ugh.

Brian Barnes said...

Ah, the famous Electricord(tm) company, whose improvement on electric appliances was the cord.

I'm a little worried about the lady with the towel on her bed, first, she's going to sweat up the bed, second, she'd bottomless but also wants the most square tan line ever?

Look, I'm as pale as a ghost, I guess I just don't get this!

Mr. Cavin said...

Whoa, definitely a sixties thing. I totally remember these being around while I was really young. Ours didn't have that weird cage thing from the second illustration. I remember we had a yellow, sun-like bulb, and a red heat bulb (there was a devil on the bulb's firey, hexagonal box). I guess they were for hot oil massage therapy or something new-agey like that? I mean, I don't think these could be used as grow lights (although it'd keep your little plants from freezing, I guess); nor were they good for dark rooms, reading, working in the garage, or all the sundry things my parent's hippie friends routinely needed weird lights for. Actually, I remember we also had a black light bulb, the same size and shape. So possibly the whole purpose of this thing, for us, was to mood-light the furry head shop posters that were hanging around everywhere.

Mr. Karswell said...

My step dad used one in the garage to work on car engines. When he’d have me helping him in the winter time, I was especially grateful for the small amount of heat Clamp Lamp also supplied.