Friday, March 26, 2021


There's a whole lotta hauntin' going on here at AEET this week for Friday Frights: spooky precode comics, PLUS a petrifying' poltergeist that can't wait to get his hands on my money!!! But first up, Stan Lee and Joe Maneely tag team for an eerie early one from the November 1951 issue of Suspense #11. Quickly followed by a few pix 'n a clip of my newly acquired Brumberger Haunted House Mystery Bank from the 60's. SEE: all 4 lithographed sides of this tin and plastic, battery operated, frightmare fantastic-- and watch as your host leaves a coin on the stoop-- only to have it (sorta) scooped up by a thievin' spook! I'm mighty proud of this addition to my creepy bank collection, I've even included the original mail-order ad! And after that we'll join everyone's favorite Lil Abner rip-off, Pokey Oakey and his curvy gal, Clara Belle, as they encounter some shady supernatural shenanigans inside an old haunted mansionigans, (lol) --this one was originally featured in the May 1944 issue of Top Notch Laugh Comics #45 from Archie Comics, with arousin' art by Don Dean. And finally, a cute haunted house themed pinball game from Disney that I wish I owned, so if anyone out there has one they're willing to part with, just summon your 'ol pal, Mr. Karswell via ouija board at 666-1313, --my ominous operators are standing by... BOO!


Brian Barnes said...

The ending to Haunted is all but obvious but what really sells it is the Maneely ghost -- yow -- now that's a guy that got a ton of molten metal poured over him! The smashed and broken skull/head is pretty ghastly!

The Haunted House bank is incredible; I had completely forgotten about those ads but do remember always wanting to know what they looks like -- and it's incredible! The detail is great, and I love the light cutting out right when the ghost (kind of) snags the coin.

I don't know about the Top Notch comic, though, dialects in word balloons have always been something I was never a fan of (I'm looking at you, Gambit.) I'm probably in the minority here! Still, it's got good gags on it and I like the art.

JMR777 said...

This was a great post! The comics, the ad, the Mickey game and the bank made this a fun fright Friday!

Nowadays people wouldn't avoid a haunted house, urban explorers, ghost hunters and metal detector hobbyists search out haunted houses. For metal detectorists, the older the house, the older the coins, and to paraphrase that old line from the 80's 'they ain't afraid of no ghosts'.
Just keep any detectorist away from your haunted house bank or they will get all the loot the ghost miser has gathered from you.

Mr. Cavin said...

That bank is so great it's not even funny. I love tin toys! They're the sweet spot between playsets and lunchboxes. This one's basically my favorite thing right now. It's huge; and I don't understand how it can be six decades old and it still doesn't even have a dent in it. Not that I can see.

Even the light bulb works. Looking at the pictures full-size, I can see that the plastic bits look like tombstone marble. Like this thing's crafted out of the Phantasm set. That's such a cool touch.

I liked the stories too, of course. I would have never known that was Maneely. Not that I'm particularly good at spotting artists. The only part that really looks like his stuff to me is panel one, page three.

Todd said...

"Don't yo want to make roo-mantical love to me?" is my new mantra.

Mr. Karswell said...

I believe there's quite a few roo-mantical mantras to learn from this post, haha

Glad everyone enjoyed our first full month of Friday Frights, we'll keep it gooing throoughout the following moonths as well-- BOO!

Also, the haunted bank may be for sale if the price is right... inquiring minds are welcome to email me with reasonable offers :)