Monday, March 29, 2021

Beyond the Strange

 I've posted some of these "Strange" book series cover illustrations before (HERE and HERE) so click on those links after todays post to get all the details. But here we go with another spooky set of them --by illustrator unknown, unfortunately-- featuring ghost dogs, haunted hillbillies, Thomas Edison dabblin' in raisin' some dead, etc... yes sir, it's more stories of the supernatural, the unknown, of witchcraft and the life beyond the grave! Annnnd apparently all of these stories are TRUE a'cuz they've been authenticated by Eric Norman, acclaimed expert on all things occult!


Brian Barnes said...

All true. Aside from the Edison one, oh, he summoned the dead, he just stole the machine from Tesla!

I love the dream witness one and my favorite is the Kentucky Mansion, it's really framed well, with the tree on one side and mister grizzled tooth on the other, lighted from the center. I really like good composition in art!

Mr. Cavin said...

Edison and the Phantom ships of Nova Scotia are my faves. It's predictable. Mad science and the foggy undead are personal aspirations.