Friday, January 24, 2020

Daisy Mae Costume & Picto-Puzzle Keychain

It's still only January, but Halloween and Mae Madness have already struck back-- Daisy Mae madness that is! These beautiful objects rolled into my possession over the holidays (courtesy of my own ever lovin' Wolf Gal), and I couldn't be more ecstatic to add them to the 'ol Al Capp / Lil Abner / Daisy Mae collection!

First up, a wonderful 1950's Ben Cooper official masquerade costume, with a rather lovely, "authentic" mask, and super cute illustrations decorating the frock. And let's hear it for the clever Halloween and TV window box design as well! Woot!

Plus, this fun Daisy Mae sliding tile, Picto-Puzzle keychain, which I'm betting was probably something one could buy at a Dogpatch USA gift shop in Marble Falls, Arkansas back in the day!

Looking at the assisting image on the back of the keychain, I'm thinking I have two of the leg tiles in the gol'durn wrong position at the bottom. Tarnation!


joecab said...

You’ve got them right. Some of the paint on them has worn away is all.

top_cat_james said...

"Yo' fellas stop checkin' out mah tiles!"

Mr. Cavin said...

I agree with joecab. Some part of the visual confusion here is that the image on the back is simply lower, with respect to the tile edges, than the one printed on the tiles themselves. But I think you've got it right.

Great costume! I love it when the come so close to character model fidelity in these things. It's pretty rare.

JBM said...

I hate to be disagreeable, but I agree with Mr.K. that the two are in the wrong spots. Thanks Mr.K. for another memory jogger. These kinds of puzzles were everywhere at one time and with all sorts of variations. Thank you!

Mr. Cavin said...

It's true, I'm wrong. I was confused by the things I identified (and assumed that the the red element of the misplaced tile was background at her hip, when it's actually background behind the crook of her knee (which I thought was supposed to be her left foot coming under her right leg--it still looks like that to me in the black and white image to--so the red there was confusing me). Anyway. I solved it in Photoshop just to make sure I wasn't wrong a second time. Ha!

Mr. Karswell said...

LOL! Well in any event, I'm glad to know I'm not going out of my mind (more) because that already happened while I was putting ALL of the tiles in what I assumed was the right place to begin with anyway. And I call myself a "leg man" sheesh!

Thanks for all the case crackin'!