Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Weebles Christmas Ghost Story

Here's something I haven't done at AEET in a while-- an original story! I took these photos of my Weebles Haunted House and wrote this kooky spooky little kid's tale back in October. I was going to post it on Halloween, but then became too busy with other stuff and missed my window, (though a photo or two did wind up on Instagram.) Anyway, now I present it to you as:



Craftypants Carol said...

Omg you’re hilarious. This is sooo freaking cute. And super spooky!!!

I love the pic of the witches - how they’re smiling contentedly as they stir their cauldron.

Thanks for the story, Karswell!

Mike said...

Love it! You did a really nice job setting the mood with the pictures and tied them to a great story. (Also, I'm jealous that you have the Weebles Haunted House.)

JMR777 said...

Telling ghost stories during Christmas time has been a tradition in Great Britain for centuries, sadly the tradition has faded away in the US.

This Christmas ghost story was great, cute then terrifying in the end.

Thanks for the stocking stuffer Karswell.

Mr. Cavin said...

Superb! I knew just where the story was going when Billy lured Jinny into the haunted bedroom. What hot-blooded Weeble doesn't love a strapping Alpine lass? But then I guess I was totally wrong. Well, maybe not totally. What hot-blooded incarnation of evil doesn't love both a portly farmhand and a strapping Alpine lass at the very same time?

Great story! Merry Christmas!

Mr. Karswell said...

Thanks everyone, glad you all enjoyed this years AEET Christmas Ghost Story, which I now vow will become a yearly holiday tradition... haha

Brian Barnes said...

Jinny kind of deserved her fate, I mean, she missed the obvious ghost in the third panel! Also, it was foreshadowed by Billy's red hair, the same color as his master!

Also, the demon must be incredibly powerful it's actually really hard to crack things that are egg shaped by squeezing them! Now that's scary!

As you might only have two scared weebles, I hope next year is a sequel!

Good job, nicely done in both story and camera work.

Tom said...

Well, that took a turn I didn't expect. And they never found the treasure chest!