Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Spectral Ranger Zombienaut

He traveled into space on a mission. And now, due to an unfortunate, accidental encounter with an alien virus (that also shattered his helmet!), he's returned to Earth as a transparent, undead, cosmic mutated monstrosity! I'm not sure if that's really what happened to him, but that's the story I'm going with. This incredible action figure of high quality, cold cast resin, is beautifully detailed with glitter, dyes, and pigments and stands nearly 4" tall, with 5 points of articulation. It's seriously hard to find the best pose and position to backlight him when taking pix because it looks so freakin' bad ass from every angle! 

Handmade by Chris Baird from San Diego, CA, and clearly inspired by the classic Fischer Price Adventure People Firestar I Astronaut, you can find more of these figures (amongst other things) in various states of creepy colors and doomed decomposition by visiting his super StraifSeven etsy store -- just CLICK HERE!  As an added bonus, the figure comes bagged with a hand drawn header card stapled to the top too. I have no idea what any of it actually says, but that only adds to the otherworldly charm and alien awesomeness of this spectacular customized piece.

And thanks again to The Slaylien for this mind blowing Father's Day present!<3 nbsp="" p="">


Mr. Cavin said...

Oh, that's amazing. I think I like the side-on profile best. Welp, I'm off to the site!

Mr. Karswell said...

Did you order one, Mr C?

Mr. Cavin said...

I saved the link for later! I love them all, but they cost more than I want to spend on them right now. They're totally worth it--beautiful for sure--but I can't pick just one. What I really want is a group, a variety. Three or four different ones. And they cost too much for the whole playset, you know?