Friday, June 14, 2019


Man, back in the day I loved Showbiz Pizza Place! Great food, great arcade-- and the animatronic entertainment was pretty rockin' 'n rollin' too. So after finding this magnificent Mitzi glass mug the other day at an antique mall, I'm now on a hunt for any Showbiz Pizza Place related merchandise. Does anyone have a Billy Bob bear glass mug they're willing to part with, possibly in trade for some of my books or comics-- you know, before I descend into the madness of eBay? Comment with your email address if you have something at all, and I'll get back to ya! Thank you :)


Tom said...

Sorry, I've got nothin'. But I will keep an eye out at the sales. Showbiz is another one of those things that SHOULD have been a part of my childhood, but due to household budget restrictions, we never did anything like that. Yes, I'm bitter.

Mr. Cavin said...

We had a Showbiz in my town when I was a youth and I went there exactly twice. Once as a teen and one other time in my twenties after it had been rebranded as a Chuck E. Cheese. Both times were for birthday parties. Even with all the great stuff in there, I guess I found it pretty aggravating. In a town with three Putt-Putt Golf-n-Games and a thousand other pizza places, the constant turnover of loud fifteen-top tween party tables was too much for me to put up with. I do like all the cool stuff though. The marketing design and decor and robot hillbilly animals are all great.

Mr. Karswell said...

The Showbiz Pizza Place I frequented was in south county STL (I think thats Lemay) area, but it was awesome. Great food and the video game selection was top notch and always seemed to be rotating with all the latest greatest. I've told my "beating Joust" story elsewhere on this blog, but that place held a ton of monumental memories for me, and every time I drive by there I seriously feel the ache of it still missing... a big boring Home Depot is there now. The place to me never seemed as obnoxious or annoying like Chuck E Cheese is these days, even the SBPP animatronic music seemed well done and more rockin